Sam Elliott On Taylor Sheridan’s 1883: “He’s A Brilliant Man… We’re Lucky To Be Doing His Work”

Sam Elliott 1883

I think we can all agree that 1883 is starting to get really good.

With that being said, we’re officially getting an in-depth look from the actors who play the main characters on the show, as well as director Taylor Sheridan, with “The Journey Begins.”

Taylor Sheridan admits that he wanted the whole show laid out as if he had written a novel, and Tim McGraw discusses Sheridan calling him up to be the original Dutton for the show.

Isabela May, who plays Elsa, weighed in on the scene where an intruder breaks into her hotel room to try and attack her, when her father James (Tim McGraw) shoots and kills the man.

Tim weighed in on the scene:

“That’s the moment when he realizes he can’t do this on his own. He knows he needs the help of Shea and Thomas’s company.”

That’s when Shea (Sam Elliott) and Thomas (LaMonica Garrett) join in on the Dutton’s trek out west for protection.

Sam Elliott then talks about what the story of 1883 means to him:

“It quite simply to me is a story about immigrants on the Oregon Trail. This diverse group of people who came from far and wide, and fate has thrown them all together.”

Elliott then talks about how Shea isn’t much for outlaws, and is willing to take out as many as possible, referring to the scene where he kills the ones who attacked their camp.

Every actor agrees that the story is 100% authentic, and although gut-wrenching at times, it portrays the cold hard truth about what life was like when settlers were making their way out west.

For Elliott, it’s all thanks to the vision and authenticity of Taylor Sheridan:

“Taylor’s a complicated cat and he’s a brilliant man.

He understands this whole story that we’re talking about, he understands this period, he understands these people, he understands these characters.

And we’re lucky to be up here doing his work.”

A ringing endorsement from the great Sam Elliott.

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