Tim McGraw Recalls Sam Elliott Roasting Him On Set Of 1883 After He Forgot His Lines

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Tim McGraw recently joined The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, to discuss his role on 1883.

He shared some laughs and some insight about the incredibly uncomfortable dress that they had to wear while filming, saying it was insanely hot at times, while there were only a few times where him and his wife Faith Hill could say they were actually comfortable.

He also talked about how weird it was now that his three daughters were officially out of the parent’s house now.

Not to mention, Colbert joked with him about how Faith said they “role play” their characters on 1883 when they’re home…

That’s when Tim admitted that he only brought his chaps home from the show’s set.

However, the most intriguing part of the interview was when Colbert brought up Sam Elliott, and Tim recalled the scene where him, Sam, and Billy Bob Thornton were shooting all the bad guys in the saloon.

“There was a shootout in the second episode where we’re walking down the street, and Billy Bob Thornton’s in it. We walk into the saloon and we’re clearing out the saloon, we’re shooting all these bad guys, and I’m so enthralled… because Billy Bob is one of the most fantastic actors on earth as well, and we’ve been friends for a long time, since ‘Friday Night Lights’.

So I’m watching the shootout, and so enthralled with Billy Bob’s performance, and I’m watching him do his thing, and I totally forgot I had a line with Sam. So I just blow right by Sam and go ‘shit, I had a line with Sam and I forgot it.'”

So they say cut, and everybody was perfect and we had to do it again because I forgot my line. I walked back to Sam and said, ‘Gosh Sam I’m sorry I forgot my line, I’m supposed to do another line to you,’ and Sam goes, ‘I noticed.’

Then I’m like, ‘Okay,’ and he goes, ‘But I noticed you got the squint down,’ and then I walked off  and realized, ‘Dang, he just jabbed me.’

So a few minutes later I walk back over and I said, ‘Sam, ya know the squint worked pretty good for Clint Eastwood,’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, it did.'”

Sam Elliott man… what a legend.

I don’t think a guy has spoken such few words that speak so many volumes.

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