Jackson Mahomes Goes Viral Again With “Part Two” Of Mechanical Bull Ride Video

Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes is at it again…

To be honest, I don’t even know how he has a following outside of being Patrick Mahomes little brother, I don’t know who watches his cringey dance videos and enjoys them… hell, I don’t even know why I’m blogging about this…

Maybe we all just need someone to root against.

It was pretty clear that all of America was pulling for Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals to win SOLEY for the reason of sending Jackson Mahomes and Pat’s fiancée Brittany Matthews home… they’re annoying as fuck.

If you’re not familiar at all (consider yourself lucky), this is what we’re talking about…


How bout them chiefsssss

♬ Oui – God is good

And somehow that gets you a million followers….

But the younger Mahomes has also found himself in the middle of several controversies this season.

Back in September when the Ravens beat the Chiefs, Jackson was caught on video pouring water on some Ravens fans who were chirping at him after the game – and then retweeted the video saying “they were thirsty.”

And he also drew the ire of Washington Football Team fans when he filmed a TikTok dance on Sean Taylor’s number that was painted on the field, on the same day the team was retiring the number in honor of Taylor, who was slain in 2007.

And he also recently took to social media to bash a Kansas City bar when he couldn’t get a table – but the restaurant clapped back and absolutely destroyed him and his oversized ego.

So yeah, dude’s pretty obnoxious and annoying as hell.

But just when you thought the Jackson Mahomes was gone from the spotlight, he finds a way to go viral again, with a weird mechanical bull grind session with some unknown woman.

Much like everything else he does, it was kinda weird…

But since that wasn’t enough…. he shared part two of the bull riding vid… and went viral AGAIN.

“Part two because you guys loved part one so much.”


part two because you guys loved part one so much 😉 @hopeseaton

♬ original sound – chase atlantic

At least we know he won’t be on the sideline, dancing like a doofus, during the Super Bowl…

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A beer bottle on a dock