The Entire Internet Is Rooting For The Cincinnati Bengals Because Nobody Can Stand Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson

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I’ll start out by saying this: Patrick Mahomes is indisputably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. And he probably will be for a long time to come, especially now that Drew Brees and Tom Brady have both retired (or have they?) in consecutive years.

The torch now belongs to Mahomes, and I have a feeling he’s going to carry it for quite awhile.

And Mahomes even seems like a pretty great dude off the field: Doesn’t have any scandals, seems personable and funny, he’s a family man…honestly, he’s exactly the kind of guy you want to root for.

But it seems like the entire internet is cheering for the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in today’s AFC Championship game. And it has nothing to do with Patrick Mahomes – or anybody else on the team.

It’s his younger brother.

If you’re not familiar (consider yourself lucky), Jackson Mahomes is a “TikTok influencer” with over a million followers on the app. And he gained those followers for posting the most cringey dancing videos I’ve ever seen in my life.


How bout them chiefsssss

♬ Oui – God is good


#chiefskingdom LETS GO!!!

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It’s game time! let’s go! #chiefskingdom

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But the younger Mahomes has also found himself in the middle of several controversies this season.

Back in September when the Ravens beat the Chiefs, Jackson was caught on video pouring water on some Ravens fans who were chirping at him after the game – and then retweeted the video saying “they were thirsty.”

And he also drew the ire of Washington Football Team fans when he filmed a TikTok dance on Sean Taylor’s number that was painted on the field, on the same day the team was retiring the number in honor of Taylor, who was slain in 2007.

And he also recently took to social media to bash a Kansas City bar when he couldn’t get a table – but the restaurant clapped back and absolutely destroyed him and his oversized ego.

So yeah, dude’s pretty obnoxious and annoying as hell.

And because football fans don’t want to have to deal with seeing Jackson Mahomes doing his TikTok dances at the Super Bowl, the internet has turned to the one man (and the one team) that can save us all from that fate: Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fans of pretty much every other team are hoping the Burrow-led Bengals beat the Chiefs in today’s game just because they can’t stand Jackson Mahomes.

And Patrick Mahomes’ fianceé Brittany Matthews also has football fans looking to the Bengals to save them after she sprayed Chiefs fans with champagne after last week’s divisional round win over the Buffalo Bills.

So yeah, these two need to be stopped.

Save us, Joe Burrow. You’re our only hope.

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