Morgan Wade’s “The Night” Finds A Home On ‘Reckless Deluxe Edition’

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here…

Morgan Wade announced a Deluxe Edition of her killer debut album Reckless a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been beyond excited.

I was by no means the first person sounding the alarms that she’d be this superstar in the making, but I do have to say, I was a little ahead of the curve.

She dropped a new song titled “Run” for the announcement of the deluxe edition and now we get to hear the rest of the six new songs, including an old fan favorite released way before her explosion onto the scene.

She weighed in on the decision to follow up the critically-acclaimed Reckless with a deluxe version:

“We didn’t want to overwhelm people. We knew it was heavy, entirely real and not like the records most people were putting out.

But as we took the music to the people, I was amazed how many people were singing ‘The Night’ back as loud as ‘Wilder Days,’ and I realized we hadn’t quite told the whole story.

So, this is the rest of it, and little bit more… think of it like breadcrumbs as a trail to where we’re heading.”

“The Night” was released as a single back in 2019 after Morgan had gotten sober and made the decision to fully commit to being a musician.

It’s an introspective look at the struggles she faced from substance abuse, to mental health problems, and the stigma around both growing up in the South… some of the lines are absolute killers too:

“By summer’s end I predict that I’ll have finally lost my mind
The doctor said that these new pills
They might help me this time…”

My mind likes to talk about everything I am not
And even worse everything I am.”


Until this deluxe release it had remained just a lonesome single, but it’s finally find a home and honestly, it fits right at home with the theme of Reckless. The longing, thinking, and swings of life combine to form a beautiful picture of the human experience.

Love this whole thing.

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