The Wilder Blue Announces Upcoming Self-Titled Album, Release Lead Single “Ghost Of Lincoln”

The Wilder Blue
Cal and Aly

I’ll go ahead and say it, The Wilder Blue, formerly known as Hill Country, is one of the most underrated groups in the state of Texas.

For those who aren’t too familiar the band is composed of frontman Zane Williams, along with Paul Eason, Lyndon Hughes, Andy Rogers, and Sean Rodriguez, and their 2020 album, Hill Country, was easily one of my favorites from 2020.

Known for their incredible harmonies and vivid storytelling, they reflected those strengths with their 2021 singles “The Conversation,” and “Okie Soldier.”

With that being said, they’re ready for a big-time 2022 as they’re gearing up to drop their latest album, The Wilder Blue, on March 25th.

This time around, the group was able to take their time and really focus on putting the best product possible out there, as they went through three-day sessions every few months.

Frontman Williams discussed the project efforts:

Having studio time paid for by our fan subscribers gave us the chance to relax and spread out a little. Whats fun about tape is that it forces you to commit to a take. You dont just record five million parts and go comb through them later.”

The album is a direct reflection of personal experiences each bandmate has gone through, including Paul Eason, who sings lead vocals for “Build Your Wings” on the album:

Part of life is figuring out and finding your way… a few years ago, I got divorced and I had been speaking with my uncle about it.

He actually said that line to me ‘Sometimes you build your wings on the way down,’ and I thought it was just perfect.” 

Williams added:

Life has its ups and downs. I dont want to write a song just about the ups. Its hard for me to write just about the ups.

And if you just write about the downs without some sort of redemption, its easy to get pretty dark and depressing.”

Along with the album announcement, the group has dropped the new, lead single, “Ghost Of Lincoln.”

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