The Wilder Blue, Formerly Known As Hill Country, Drop Two New Songs

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It’s been a minute since we’ve gotten some new music from the country supergroup, The Wilder Blue, formerly known as Hill Country.

The group, consisting of Zane Williams, Paul Eason, Lyndon Hughes, Sean Rodriguez, and Andy Rogers, released an insanely good album last year titled Hill Country, blessing us all with incredible harmonies and stellar songwriting with songs like “The Eagle,” “Dixie Darlin’,” and “Palomino Gold.”

That album even earned the praise of Luke Combs.

Now, it appears the group is back on the saddle again as they released two surprise songs this week, “The Conversation,” and “Okie Soldier.”

Let me tell you, these two songs are pure country music to its core.

“The Conversation” reminds me a bit of “Already Gone” by the famed rock group, The Eagles. Of course, The Wilder Blue adds an intriguing country twist as Williams sings about a conversation with the devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other.

“Okie Soldier” is a ballad from the point of view of a soldier from Oklahoma, as he’s off to war.

I’ve said it many times before, but the mark of a great songwriter involves lyrics that make you picture the scenes in your head like a movie, and both “The Conversation” and “Okie Soldier” do just that.

If you haven’t gotten on The Wilder Blue train yet, you better hop on:

“The Conversation”

“Okie Soldier”

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