‘1883’ Fans Are Pissed That The Yellowstone Prequel Is Taking Another Week Off

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Yellowstone fans are not happy with the programming schedule of the new prequel series, 1883.

For the second time in six episodes, 1883 is taking a week off, meaning that fans will have to wait two weeks to see a new episode. And after the fireworks from Episode 5, fans are pissed.

Production delays as a result of the pandemic seems like the obvious culprit, but fans are also suspecting some more sinister motives.

Since 1883 airs exclusively on Paramount+, the streaming service of Paramount Network, stretching it out a bit means fans will have to pay for more months of subscription service.

If they dropped it all at once (the way Netflix does), fans could sign up for one month, watch the first season, and cancel the account. However in the Paramount+ model you’re going to need to purchase at least a few months of the service.

It’s probably a combination of factors (including both the above) responsible for the delays, but that doesn’t mean that fans are any less pissed off.

They took to Twitter to let Taylor Sheridan and Paramount+ know exactly how they feel.

1883 Episode 6 is set to air on January 30th on Paramount+.

Of course, 1883 tells the story of how the Duttons came to settle in Montana, making their way from Texas across the treacherous Great Plains to settle on the modern day Dutton Ranch property.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill play James and Margaret Dutton, the patriarch and matriarch of the Dutton family, while Sam Elliott has the role of Shea Brennan, the hardnosed cowboy tasked with leading the expedition.

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