Sam Elliott On Yellowstone 1883 Prequel: “For My Money, It Stands On Its Own”

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Sharyl Spencer Goodpaster

The Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone might be this weekend, but today, we’re getting an inside look at the upcoming prequel, 1883.

Starring Sam Elliott and country music’s own power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, 1883 is the story of how the Duttons came to settle in Montana.

The prequel series tells the origin story of the Dutton family and how they made their way from Texas across the treacherous Great Plains to settle on the modern day Dutton Ranch property.

Tim and Faith are set to play James and Margaret Dutton, the patriarch and matriarch of the Dutton family, while Elliott will take on the role of Shea Brennan, the hardnosed cowboy tasked with leading the expedition.

And according to a new interview with Entertainment WeeklySam Elliott’s character kicks off the show in the wake of tragedy:

“It haunts him throughout, along with the responsibility of moving these emigrants north.”

And while it’s technically a prequel for Yellowstone, Elliott says it pulls its own weight.

They just pump so much life into this.

You can call this a spin-off or a prequel to ‘Yellowstone’ or whatever you want, but for my money, it stands on its own.”

Check out some behind-the-scenes shots.

Make sure to check out the Yellowstone Season 4 premiere on Paramount Network for a brand new teaser for 1883.

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