Former New York Giants Coach Joe Judge Throws A Booze-Filled Pizza Party For His Fired Staff

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It’s always interesting to see how different head coaches react to getting fired.

Some of them dwell on their sorrows and throw a pity party in the media, and some take that multi-million dollar buyout and party it up for the rest of their lives with no care – like Ed Orgeron, who’s probably sitting on his couch in Destin eating a cheeseburger with a 25-year-old “Lil’ Bebe” cuddled up next to him.

And then you have Joe Judge…

The former New York Giants head coach got fired on Monday with only two seasons under his belt, after he was practically told before the last few weeks of the season that his job security was intact.

The Giants organization has been a dumpster fire for the past few years with terrible upper-management, so somebody had to be the scapegoat, and it just so happened to be Judge and general manager Dave Gettleman, who coincidentally decided to “retire” after this season.

Then again, we all saw that play call… so… justified?

Anyways, Judge went 10-23 in his two seasons, but it appeared like the franchise had full faith in him to lead the Giants back to the promised land.

With that being said, the former coach appears to be either living his best life, or coping in the best kind of way with a shit ton of beer and pizza.

According to TMZ, pictures began to surface of nine-boxes of pizza and several cases of Michelob Ultra and Coors Light being sent to the former coach’s house.

Well it turns out the pizza and beer wasn’t all for Judge: He actually hosted his fired staff and their families at his house, and ordered the pizza and beer as a way of thanking them for the last two years of work.

That’s a good dude. Take care of the people who took care of you.

Judge also coached under Bill Belichick for seven seasons, so I have a feeling he’s going to have plenty of job opportunities come up in the next few weeks – might as well take advantage of the time off while you can and show some appreciation to your people.

And no matter what happens, may the “quarterback sneak on 3rd and 9” play-call forever live in infamy.

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A beer bottle on a dock