Tony Logue Dives Into The Hard Hittin’ Stories On New Album, ‘Jericho’

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If ya haven’t gotten on the Tony Logue train yet, it’s time to get your ass on it.

The Western Kentucky native, who points to the legendary Chris Knight as one of his strongest writing inspirations, has made a name for himself with tremendous, deep-cutting songwriting of his own.

He quickly turned heads with the release of his single “Calloway County” a few weeks back, a song about a son with an abusive father, and how the son doesn’t want to be associated with his family name anymore.

But today, he just dropped the full album titled Jericho, and let me tell you, it’ll touch on every drop of emotion you’ve got.

With a mixture of what he describes as a “blend of Americana, country folk and heartland rock,” he’s got a number of songs that showcase his deep storytelling that comes straight from the heart of Western Kentucky.

The album was engineered by Sean Sullivan, who is known for his work with Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, and Cole Chaney.

Logue also admitted that Chaney played a big role in his motivation to get the album put together:

“I was on the road with Cole in Indiana one night and we were talking it over. He pretty much told me to quit wasting time and get it moving… that these songs were to good not to be out in the world.”

With Derrick Rucker on guitar, Jason Munday on drums, Kyle Robertson on bass, Mark Howard on mandolin, Russ Pahl on steel guitar, and Tammy Rogers (from the Steel Drivers) on fiddle, they put the album together at Howard’s “The Tractor Shed” studio in Nashville.

He also weighed in on how the album name Jericho was inspired:

“This is 12 of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. This album is my Jericho… I don’t believe the good Lord gives you dreams that are not yours for the taking. I believe those are things he has in store for you. But you gotta go get ’em.

I’ve read about some folks that were shown the Promised Land. One of the first things they had to do was take Jericho, the fortified city… Me and my gang have been marching around these city walls singin’ and bangin’ drums for a good while now. I feel like the walls are fixing to come down.”


Here’s a few of my favorites:

“Blood River Baptist Church”


“Road to Richmond”

He mentioned that this is a sequel to Chris Knight’s “Carla Came Home.”

“Sins of My Father”



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