Lukas Nelson Covering The Hell Out Of Luke Combs’ “Doin’ This” Is One Helluva Way To Kickoff 2022

Luke Combs et al. wearing hats
Alysse Gafkjen

THIS is the kind of thing I want to see as we ring in the New Year.

If there’s a better way to start 2022 than hearing Lukas Nelson sing a little Luke Combs, I don’t know what it is.

Lukas posted a video of himself doing a little acoustic performance of Luke’s current single, “Doin’ This”, and it’s one of the best covers I’ve seen in a while that features one of my favorite artists in the industry right now tipping his cap to another one of my favorites. Inject it directly into my veins.

The song is a co-write by Luke, Drew Parker and Robert Williford, and it’s all about Luke’s love of music and how he would be playing his songs whether he was still back in his college town of Boone, North Carolina trying to make it, or doing what he is now selling out football stadiums and winning the CMA Entertainer of the Year award.

And Lukas, who is the son of country music legend Willie Nelson, shares a similar outlook on his career and feelings about his music, saying:

“When I heard this Luke Combs song, the lyrics really struck me as poignant. They represent what it means to be an artist.

As this year comes to an end, I’ m thankful to do what I do. But ‘I’d still be doin’ this, if I wasn’t doin’ this.'”

Hearing Lukas say he would be playing music regardless of who his dad is or where he comes from is apparent when you listen to his records, as he’s as talented and passionate as anyone else in music that I know of.

When it comes to either one of them, you wholeheartedly believe it when they say they’d be on the road singing their songs no matter what because they’re both so damn authentic. It would be absolutely incredible if they could team up to write a song or go on tour together one day.

Of course, Luke gave Lukas the seal of approval, commenting on the video:

“Hell yeah bro! Appreciate it. Sounds great.”

Check out Lukas put his own, unique spin on what is likely Luke’s 13th #1 in a row… you’ll be glad you did.

Happy New Year, y’all:

Luke recently put out a cool video for the song that features his college music buddy that’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet, too:

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