Luke Combs’ New “Doin’ This” Music Video Spotlights College Music Buddy, Adam Church

First and foremost, a HUGE congratulations to Mr. Entertainer of the Year, Luke Combs.

He took home top honors at the CMA Awards last night, and also delivered on his promise to release a brand new song called “Doin’ This” during the show.

And, he already put out a really cool new video to go along with it.

It starts out with Luke in an interview, as he describes in the opening lines of the song, where the reporter asks him what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a country music superstar. Of course, he responds saying that he’d still be playing country music in some old honky tonk somewhere singing the same songs.

And the only reason that this song even works is because you completely, wholeheartedly believe him when he says that:

My favorite part of the sweet, heartfelt music video, though, is all of the old video footage from Luke’s college days at my alma mater, Appalachian State, where he really started his music career in small town Boone, North Carolina.

You see the main character in the video, local musician Adam Church, who is Luke’s best friend and also played all of those old gigs with him in our little college town. In the video, Luke even talked a little bit about what their friendship means to him:

“This guy sat beside me on a barstool in Boone, North Carolina. He is one of, if not the, best human beings that I have ever met in my entire life.

He’s talented, he cares about other people, and he helped me when he didn’t have to. And that is something that I’ll never forget. His name is Adam Church.”

Helping the people who helped you get to where you are today. I respect the HELL out of that.

You also see flashbacks to the two of them playing small bars and frat parties in Boone, as well as more recent footage from Luke’s epic first ever stadium show this past year at Kidd Brewer Stadium a few months ago, where Adam joined him on stage to play some songs.

Then, you see quick shot of Woodland’s (also my favorite restaurant near Boone if you’re ever in the area), which is a little barbecue joint he used to play in, and is the same bar Eric Church got his start at. It all felt very full-circle, and his big win was really the cherry on top being the same night he put this video out.

I kept thinking last night how incredible it’s been to watch Luke’s career take off at lighting speed. It feels like it was only a few years ago (because it was) I was watching him play at Legend’s, the local honky tonk in Boone, and now he’s the CMA Entertainer of the Year.

I couldn’t be prouder to have someone like him representing not only us Mountaineers, but all of us in country music, too.

This is all just the beginning for him, and it’s great to see one of the good guys winning the big awards.

And, I stand my previous statements that he makes some of the best, most high quality music videos in the game right now:

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