Luke Combs Debuts Brand New Track “Doin’ This” Ahead Of CMA Awards Performance

Zack Massey

Luke is following through on his promise to give us a new single tonight at the CMA Awards.

“Doin’ This” was just added to streaming services and it’s a hell of a song. Like we were talking about the other day, Luke said he’d still be playing music if he wasn’t as big as he is now.

We now get to here his poetic response to the question.

And that’s the thing… the dude is selling out football stadiums, but even if he was playing dive bars in small towns, he’d still be doing it. And you believe him when he says it.

It’s about the love of the game.

“This song means a lot to me personally. Not to recite the lyrics, but for me, it’s truly about playing country music for a crowd, whether that’s 70 people or 70,000 people, and playing country music with my buddies in the band.

It really doesn’t matter where we’re playing or how many people we’re playing for because it isn’t about the fame, the fortune, the name, or the glory. It’s about getting to make and play country music for y’all.”

Atta boy, Luke

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