Bloodthirsty Squirrel Injures 18 People On 48-Hour Christmas Attack Spree

squirrel bite

What in the hell is going on in 2021?

We’ve seen feral pigs taking over suburban neighborhoods in Texas, a pack of monkeys killing dogs, and now, psycho squirrels??


This kinda reminds me of the scene on National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation, where the whole family notices a squirrel in the house, and go absolutely nuts as it chases them around the house…

Except this occasion, was a real life scene on steroids.

According to the New York Post, United Kingdom residents in Buckley, Wales, were viciously attacked by a single psychotic gray squirrel on Christmas.

A total of 18 people were injured by the lunatic squirrel, with a number of them ending up in the hospital.

Nicola Crowther said in the Buckley Residents Facebook Group on December 26:

“Warning, vicious squirrel that attacks. He’s bitten me, attacked my friend… and multiple other people.

“It’s also attacked my two Bengals, who fear nothing, and my neighbor’s Bengal cats. Dare not go out of my house, as it’s lurking.”

Sheree Davidson, another resident, added in the group message:

“I’ve got teeth marks on the top and bottom of my finger. It proper latched on and I had to shake it off. He’s taken the top layer off my knuckle. His teeth are like pins.

It had me good and proper little shit.”

The residents have even nicknamed it “Stripe,” after the evil character from “Gremlins,” and has attacked the elderly, children, and pets.

Scott Felton, a 34-year-old technician, said:

“After arriving at the hospital, I had to have a tetanus jab because the squirrel broke my skin. I know of someone else too who had to have a tetanus jab because theirs didn’t stop bleeding.”

The squirrel belonged to 65-year-old resident Corinne Reynolds, who’s locally known as the “bird lady,” as she had taken the squirrel in and began to feed it since the summer.

However, “Stripe” takes every victim, and even bit Reynolds in the hand during his rampage. She eventually trapped it.

She said:

“To be honest, he was giving me cause for concern with his unusual behavior.”

She believed that he may have had a tumor or something, and his actions raised concerns as she had an elderly person living in her home on blood thinners, and a 2-year-old grandson.

After she captured the squirrel, she handed him over to the RSPCA, who eventually put him down.

So to all you crazy grandmas out there, as cute as these things may be, it’s really not worth it.

Who would’ve thought such a tiny creature could do so much damage.

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