VIDEO: Pack Of Feral Hogs Destroy Suburban Houston Neighborhood

Texas hogs

Wild pigs man…. they’re a fucking nuisance.

According to KHOU, a Texas man caught some security cam footage of  a pack of wild hogs, just casually strolling the the sidewalk of a suburban Houston neighborhood.

The pack of roughly 25 hogs were spotted in the Sienna neighborhood of Missouri City, Texas, about 25 miles outside of Houston.

The man who captured the video said that him and his neighbors woke up the next morning to their yards and flower beds absolutely obliterated.

“I was thinking to see two, three or four … not 25 or 30. I saw a ton of ton of damage in our front yard, in our neighbor’s yard. Some of the houses down the street were hit worse than others.

“You’ve seen one hog, OK… and then you see the whole family troop filing in. It’s just really bizarre.”

According to a local trapper, an estimated 75% of the local hogs would have to be captured and killed in order to keep them under control. And then when you think about the massive scale of the problem all across Texas… we’re talking about an INSANE amount of pigs… millions of pigs.

But hey, if you’re having a hard time with this problem, just ask ol’ Ted Nugent for advice.

The man is an expert hog hunter who shoots them from helicopters.

Joe also recently spoke with Texas chef and butcher, Jesse Griffiths, about the feral hog problem in Texas.

There’s somewhere between 2 million and 4 million wild hogs in the state of Texas (6 million estimated in the entire country). And because they have no breeding season, they reproduce at an astronomical rate. They can begin to breed around 5-6 months old, the gestation period is less than 4 months, and they can have anywhere from 2-12 piglets per litter.

Just do some quick math and you realize that it’s possible for a pig to have a few dozen piglets each year, who can begin to breed themselves before the year is over. It’s nuts.


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