Popular ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Theory Suggests That Monica Might Not Survive The Season 4 Finale

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After the ninth episode of season four of Yellowstone aired this past Sunday, several people are beginning to speculate about what’s to come.

We know that the episode kicks off with a lone wolf showing up on Kayce’s property, and he truly believes that it may be a sign of some sorts.

With that being said, he goes to Thomas Rainwater and Mo to try and interpret what that means, and they tell him to conduct a ritual of four days of fasting with no food or water, and he’ll find the answer.

Some people out there believe that the wolf could be foreshadowing a future death, and possibly to a close friend or family member of Kayce, according to Newsweek.

In the show’s Reddit forum, u/adiman93 said:

“With the news that Monica is pregnant with her second child, I have a feeling that Monica will die in the season finale.

Maybe Garrett Randall or Market Equities order a hit on Kayce however Kayce was not at home, the hitmen kill Monica instead. Monica dies saving Tate.

Monica’s death will bring Rainwater and Dutton closer together and will drive Kayce towards revenge against Monica’s killers.

Monica and Tate are clearly the worst parts of the show, they will kill Monica off and send Tate out of town.”

I don’t think anybody disagrees that Monica is the worst part of the show.

But more than that, fans also agreed that it seems like she might in danger.

u/Apart-Internal-340 agreed as well:

“Agree. The minute she said she was pregnant, I said she’d end up getting killed. Especially with the introduction of a new woman who’s into Kayce.”

As does u/redvillafranco:

“If she doesn’t get killed, she will get injured in a way that ends the pregnancy. Depends if they want to keep her on the show.”

Another user, u/VegitarianCow added:

“I’ve been thinking Monica and Tate will die, too. At this point, I figure it’s going to happen because Jamie’s dad will try to get rid of the brother that Jamie loves but that Kayce will survive and we’ll see the Kayce turn against Jamie next year.”

I mean, it does make sense.

As much as I would hate to see anything happen to Monica or Tate, the pregnancy is for sure foreshadowing something big to come in the future, judging by what we’ve seen so far in the show.

Stay tuned… the two-hour Yellowstone Season Finale is set to air next Sunday, January 2nd, on Paramount Network.

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