Chevrolet Unveils New Tear-Jerker Of A Christmas Commercial – “Holiday Ride”

Why am I sweating from my eyes right now??

Alright, I’m balling my eyes out like a little baby and I ain’t ashamed to admit it.

Chevrolet just dropped a tear-jerker of a Christmas commercial, and I’ll give ya a fair warning… it’ll have you a little misty eyed no doubt.

The commercial, titled “Holiday Ride,” kicks off with an old farmer walking out of his farmhouse to a shed while holding a fresh wreath.

He then replaces the old wreath that was already hanging on the shed door for the new one.

When he walks in, you see a gorgeous, but old and faded 1966 Chevy Impala.

The old man begins to tear up a little bit, and when he sits in the car, he pulls out a picture of his wife, and that’s when you find out the old car used to belong to her.

That’s when the waterworks truly start to flow.

The man’s daughter then goes into town and talks to a couple of guys at a body shop, and asks them if they can fix up the old car as a Christmas gift for her dad.

Sure enough, the workers sneak out into the shed that night without the dad knowing, and bring it back the next day.

The dad walks back outside to replace the wreath again, and when he opens up the door, he sees the car all fixed up, looking as good as it did back in ’66, with the picture of his wife hanging from the mirror.

Not gonna lie, that’s when I started to lose all self control.

The daughter and father (and their cute dog) have a moment, and take off in the car together.

According to Blaze Media, the short film/commercial was created by Academy Award winners director Tom Hooper, composer Rachel Portman, and cinemaphotographer Claudio Miranda, with the creative agency Commonwealth/McCann.

Steve Majoros, vice president of Chevy marketing, said:

“So many customers have a Chevy story and we’re proud that our vehicles have helped create memorable moments that span and connect generations.

This holiday ad captures the type of poignant stories that only Chevrolet can tell. This is a love story– for a car, a family and the spirit of a community that brings it all together.”

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