Zach Bryan, Logan Halstead, & Cole Chaney To Play Kentucky Rodeo… And I Love The Bluegrass State

Dammit, does Kentucky know how to bring it or what?

The world’s best whiskey, beautiful views, delicious fried chicken (don’t sleep on the KFC coleslaw, just sayin’), and some of the best music on the planet.

Sure seems like heaven to me.

Well, they’re adding another feather in the cap with one of the coolest events I’ve ever heard of.

Zach Bryan, Logan Halstead and Cole Chaney will be performing at Bulls, Bands, and Barrels, a touring rodeo/live music event that’s making a stop in Lexington, Kentucky at the Kentucky Horse Park Alltech Arena on February 12th, 2022.

The website describes it like this…

“It offers something for everyone. Some people come for the bull riding, some come for the barrel racing, and some people come for the band.

It kind of gives everybody a reason to come out. It’s a good family event and everyone is guaranteed a good time!”

I’ll second that, there is no way this isn’t one of the greatest days of your life.

First, rodeos are cool as shit, ain’t no way to deny it. Guys strapped to a bulls back, ladies sprint racing horses around tight barrels, those badass clowns who distract an infuriated bull when the rider falls off, I mean COME ON with it.

I don’t care if you’re from Downtown NYC , you’ll “yee haw” by the end of the night.

Second, and most important, you cannot ask for a better concert line-up. Real country music by some of the most legit artists on planet earth. As far as rising stars go, it’s hard to pick better than these guys.

Zach is so popular he’s been selling out every venue on his first ever tour and making a splash in the mainstream by performing on the Opry and now making his Ryman debut.

Cole Chaney’s Mercy is absolutely one of the best albums of the year, proving the guys got quite the future ahead of him and Logan Halstead is already making his name know at just 19 years old with no official debut project… pretty incredible in it’s own right.

Might be time to book that trip to the Bluegrass State… You might see me with a belt-buckle the size of Texas, long cut in my lip screaming to “Flying or Crying” if you do.

You’ve been warned…

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