Zach Bryan Makes Opry Debut With Touching Tribute To His Mom, “Sweet DeAnn”

What. A. Night.

The legend of Zach Bryan continues to grow as he made his Grand Ole Opry debut last night, stepping into the iconic circle for the very first time.

I can only imagine it’s the first of many. After all, he’s shaping up to have a very long career ahead of him.

Showing some love to fellow Oklahoma-natives, Zach was rocking the Turnpike Troubadours shirt (just a SOLID move) as he took the stage with the Opry house band, leading off with a performance of “Oklahoma City.”

He followed it up with an emotional performance of “Sweet DeAnn,” a touching tribute to his late mom, who is also the namesake of his debut album.

“I wouldn’t be here without my family and the people who love me, and my mom… I wish she could be here.

So, I decided before the Opry tonight I was gonna sing songs that meant something to me. I didn’t want to sing something that people wanted to hear… so this is a song I wrote called ‘Sweet DeAnn.'”

The perfect choice.

Once again, HUGE congrats to Zach for making it to the Opry. I know he’d probably never say it, but he damn well deserves it.

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