Kentucky Woman Captures Terrifying Video In The Rubble Of Candle Factory Demolished By Tornado

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A horrible series of tornados, that spanned 200 miles from Arkansas to Kentucky, touched ground last night, wreaking unimaginable devastation across the five states including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee.

The numerous homes buildings are destroyed, and more than 275,000 customers are without power.

One of the most dire situations, a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, was hit…. with about 110 workers inside.

Right now, the death toll in Kentucky is around 70 people, with several homes and businesses destroyed as well, in what could be the longest tornado in U.S. history.

I haven’t been in this situation personally, but I can’t even fathom the terror that went through every one of these individual’s minds.

According to the New York Post, the tornado left a candle factory in shambles.

Out of the 110 who were inside the factory, one woman, Kyana Parsons-Perez, who decided to film while her and fellow workers were trapped in the building, did an incredible job of calming everybody down.

In the video, you hear her trying to make light of the situation, reminding everybody that her birthday is in two hours and they better sing happy birthday to her.

She even jokes about the new hairstyle she’s gonna get.

You can hear the tears and terror in her fellow worker’s voices.

She at one point says:

“I think they’re trying to get to us, but I’m really scared that I’ll be one of the last people they get to. I cannot feel my legs… I’m staying calm but I’m not okay.”

“We got hit by a tornado and the building fell on us and we’re trapped… this building is a whole hot mess.”

I cannot imagine… our prayers are with everybody involved.

Posted by Kyanna Lou on Friday, December 10, 2021

They were finally able to get out, however, only about 40 have been accounted for so far.

Kyanna spoke to the Today Show, recalling the terrifying experience.

At least 24 catastrophic tornadoes ripped across five states in the dark of night, impacting people in Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee.

Numerous homes and other buildings are destroyed, and more than 275,000 customers are without power.

Click HERE to donate to the American Red Cross to help support tornado relief efforts across the country.

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