If Your Boyfriend’s Mom Is A B*tch, You Need To Hear Ashland Craft And Lainey Wilson’s “S.O.B.”

THIS is the kind of country music I need in my life.

If you loved Ashland Craft’s song “Your Momma Still Does,” this track probably won’t resonate quite the same way.

While that one is about the fact that Ashland kept in touch with the mom of an ex because they got along so well and had a great friendship, “S.O.B.” describes the antithesis of that kind of relationship.

Written by Lainey Wilson and Faren Rachels, they put an epic spin on the type of man I’m sure we’ve all dated at some point.

Of course, if you look back on any of your past relationships and wonder what the hell you were thinking for dating that certain son of a bitch, you’re definitely not alone.

But, have you ever hated a boyfriend’s mom so much that you broke up with him, even though he was damn near perfect and you loved the rest of his family?

We’re talkin’ Sweet Home Alabama level, scared to even tell her your real, full name and introduce her to your own parents kind of bad…

And as the old saying goes, you don’t just marry the man, you marry his family, so you better make sure you can get through at least Thanksgiving and Christmas without an all out war a couple times a year.

While I’ve never quite experienced anything on that level personally, I’ve heard horror stories from friends and I know it’s pretty common to feel a certain type of way about a boyfriend’s mom or even your own mother-in-law.

This is one of the funniest, most well-written songs I’ve heard in a long time:

“No, I wasn’t even looking for somebody like you,
Didn’t even know they made ’em, but I guess they do,
Couldn’t of painted a better picture, couldn’t pick me a better hand,
You were the Webster definition of a damn near perfect man

Then you took me home to meet your momma,
And that’s too bad, ‘cuz just like that,
That changed everything,
And it might be wrong to throw this on ya,
Yeah, you know I love you baby,
But she ain’t ever gonna like me,
Yeah your only problem’s somethin’ you can’t fix,
You’re the son a of bitch”

Or how about the bridge:

“Ain’t gotta problem with your daddy,
Still get along with your brother,
Yeah, boy you’re good as gold,
But your momma, she’s a mother”

Freaking brilliant… it’s why Ashland and Lainey are two of my favorite young ladies in country music right now.

I need a studio version of this ASAP… and I need it injected directly into my veins:

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A beer bottle on a dock