Cowboy Wisdom 101: Preserving The Old Ways

There’s no better wisdom than Cowboy Wisdom.

Sure, theories and hypothesis from the academic ivory tower have their place, but nothing can take the place of the rough and tough, “I’ve been there, done that, seen that, beat that” wisdom from a person that’s been through the fire.

Cowboys (and the values they live by) are a dying breed. That’s no secret.

As a whole, society is reaching for the next, the better, the easier, and the faster at the expense of the right, the just, the earned and the honorable.

Fortunately, there’s still those out there fighting the good fight and teaching the values of the old way to those willing to listen.

You may remember Dwayne from Dry Creek Wrangler School and his “Unwritten Rules Of Being A Cowboy” video. Well, he’s got another about preserving the “old ways” of life and it’s a must listen.

While not listed as specifically as the previous video, the amount of wisdom in these 10 minutes is astounding.

Here’s some of my favorite takeaways…

1. Just because someone says they’re something doesn’t mean they are.

Whether it’s religious, a preserver of peace, a cowboy or anything else, just cause you say it’s what you are, doesn’t make it true. Your actions and their consequences, good and bad, are the determinate, not the title of the doer.

2. Some people weren’t taught proper values as kids, don’t hold it against them

It’s easy to just get mad when someone acts in a way we would never dream of, but we need to recognize some people weren’t raised the same way we were or didn’t go out of their way to learn honorable values.

Don’t let your first reaction be anger. Let it be curiosity. Try to understand why they are acting like that. Odds are they just don’t know better and this could be a teaching moment.

3. There’s more people who respect the old ways than we realize

In a world that seems to have gone crazy, it’s easy to assume we’re the last, or some of the last, who think the way we do. Truth is, the craziest voices are the ones that get amplified, so it just seems like were the ones left out. Truth is, there’s a lot more out there, most are just to busy doing the actual thing to raise their hand and ask for recognition.

4.  Be true to yourself and your standards, regardless of what anyone says

Your moral conscious is the most important person to listen too and impress. When you know what’s right, don’t compromise your actions to please anyone, regardless of their status or alleged power.

These are just four of many, many great lessons in the video.

Dwayne, while we know there are more people like you out there, I’m sure glad you’re going out of your way to spread the message.

Keep on keeping on, Cowboy.

And here’s the song he mentioned.

Never heard it before this, but man it almost made me tear up.

Beautiful song, beautiful story and a great ode to the old ways, those living them and the ever present coyote.

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A beer bottle on a dock