Gabe Lee Announces New EP, ‘Live From Water Street’

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When you think of non-mainstream country artists, it’s always guys like Tyler Childers, Cody Jinks, and Sturgill Simpson that come to mind.

They’ve always unapologetically done things their own way, and that’s why they’ve garnered huge followings with relatively zero radio play or recognition from the mainstream country music machine.

However, there’s one guy in particular who needs to be on your radar if he’s not already… and that’s Gabe Lee.

An incredibly gifted songwriter, the man could sing the direction in his car’s instruction manual and make it sound incredible.

The man had a big 2020 with his acclaimed Honky Tonk Hell album (a favorite here at Whiskey Riff), and now, the man is ready to bless us with a kickass EP, titled Live From Water Street.

Slated for December 3rd, Lee weighed in on the new project:

“In the year of getting music back on the road, we have both reconnected with and discovered venues, towns, and communities that are quickly becoming regional hubs for our fanbase.

Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, New York is one of the historically grass roots, privately owned clubs and listening rooms that we covet for its cool yet intimate atmosphere.

Ahead of next year’s forthcoming full-length record, we are releasing this live EP in gratitude to all the venues who have hosted us, big and small, and most importantly the patrons from whom we continue to garner incredible support.

Thank you for commuting to our shows, supporting us through merch, and your words of encouragement – I hope my work continues to inspire introspection, joy, and perspective. Please enjoy a handful of our songs as they are from the road: raw, relaxed, and unfettered.” 

You gotta respect what Lee is doing here, paying tribute to the fans who have driven miles and miles to come watch him play live.

And first up from the new EP, a cover of “Memphis” by Ray Sisk.

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