Red Shahan Is Playing A Show With… Nelly?

Nelly Red Shahan country music

Well, of all the things I didn’t expect to see this year, this may take the cake.

After releasing his masterpiece album Javelina earlier this year, Red Shahan has been hitting the road pretty hard, playing shows all around the country but, to my disappointment, mostly out West.

I’ve been playing Javelina on repeat pretty much since it came out and really want to see him in concert, so I try to keep an eye on where he’s playing next.

But there wasn’t much on the horizon for the end of the year for Red, looked like he was taking the holidays off to spend with family.

Until today…

Red Shahan just announced a show in Las Vegas with none other than Nelly.

You read that right. Red Shahan and Nelly are playing a show at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas on December 10th.

Nelly has been trying to work his way into the country scene for years, putting out a few songs and remixes with Florida Georgia Line and Kane Brown and covering Thomas Rhett’s “Die A Happy Man,” but this is an major shift.

I mean, you cannot compare Red Shahan with FGL, Kane Brown (who still has us blocked) and Thomas Rhett… even though they’re all lumped under the “country” umbrella, they are almost on different planets musically.

On one hand, this is a hell of an opportunity for Red Shahan to get in front of a whole new audience of fans and if Nelly really wants to get into country there’s few better than Red. But on the other, I don’t know if there’s much overlap in their fanbases, so not sure who’s really going to show up for either one knowing they have to be there for the other.

I don’t know. I guess I’m just a bit confused is all…

Hey, I support Nelly working with actual country artists all day long and I’m happy he’s finally going to get to hear something unique from the Texas Scene. But it’s also fair to say there was no way to see this one coming.

Get your tickets now, this may just turn out to be the cross-over event of the century.

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