Washington Woman Walks Away With Minor Injuries After Semi Truck Completely Flattens Her Car

A truck with a large flatbed

This is unbelievable.

When you’re in a small vehicle, and get struck by a semi truck, the chances of you making it out without significant injuries are pretty slim. Just the sheer force a big-ass semi can generate is kind of terrifying when you really thing about it.

But when you look at the photos of the horrifying aftermath, you’ll wonder how this woman walked out of… what’s left of this car.

According to People, Washington State Patrol trooper Rocky Oliphant was called to a wreck, where a driver was hit from behind by a semi truck while traveling down I-5.

As you can see by pictures, the car was absolutely squashed, the semi literally resting on top of the car. It looks like there’s no way an individual could survive something this crazy.

However, somehow, the woman escaped with only minor injuries.

He wrote on Twitter:

“There’s really not a word to describe this collision. Miraculously believed to be minor injuries.

The car was struck from behind, folded the car in half, and semi came to rest on top of the car… in my 14 year career, I have never seen anything like it.”

If you don’t believe in miracles, you do now…

He later said that the woman was able to escape after a tow truck lifted the front end of the semi.

According to the Seattle Times, the semi truck in front of the 46-year-old woman slowed down, causing her to slow down quickly, catching the driver of the semi behind her off guard, and slammed into her Nissan Altima.

Oliphant then said that the driver of the rear semi was following too close for conditions.

The driver reported only feeling some minor rib and head pain, she was taken to a hospital for further examination, but it is expected that she will be released without much treatment.


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