Paul Cauthen Puts The Country Music Machine On Blast In Funky New, “Country As F*ck”

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s Paul Cauthen is wild dude.

His debut album was pretty traditional. Sure, there was a bit of flair, but most of those songs could be straight out of the ’50s.

But then his second album was pure majestic madness. Some country, some rock, some blues and lots of funk, Room 41 was a game changer that let us in on the true mad genius of Paul Cauthen.

Is Funky-Tonk a thing? If it’s not… it is now…

But now he’s back with a new single and well… the madness has continued.

Titled “Country As Fuck,” it’s pretty much a dismantling of the current country music industry which feeds us tons of people telling us how country they are because they say they are. But, in typical Paul Cauthen fashion, he couldn’t just come out and say it. No, that’d be too boring.

He said let’s pour some tequila and blow some smoke on this idea… just let the horses run.

Here’s some of the best lines.

“I’m a shade tree mechanic
Got a one-ton truck
I drink a 30 pack a day
Cause I’m country as fuck
Call me Lil Nas
Call me Tim McGraw
Not a moment too soon
I had horses in the stall”

“Hot dog holly golly dagnabbit
I was two years old when I shot my first rabbit”

“I was driving tractors before it was sexy
Real cowboys don’t rock to Kenny Chesney”

“Make my own definition
Beat the system
‘Bout to start a new religion
Call it Country
Country as fuck”

The result is a glorious song with a glorious video that equally shows what actual life in the country is with what it’s portrayed to be, with many jabs at the mainstream and its insanity thrown in.

Long story short, while sonically it’s right in the alley of what we heard in Room 41 (which very much excites me), the root of this song is what country music was originally based on: telling “The Man” to go screw himself, I’m the real deal and don’t need your suit and tie telling me what the latest focus group said, go shove it. How can you not love that?

Paul Cauthen, ladies and gentlemen.

You never know what you’re going to get, but you always know what you’re going to get… if you get me.

His upcoming album, Country Coming Down, is due out April 1st… and that ain’t no joke.

Of the new album, he says:

“Y’know, you got your bangers, and you got your ballads. You got your meaningful songs where you’re opening up more of your vulnerable side, and then you’re putting on a fucking show — all in one album.

And it’s all honest, I’ll tell ya that. Everything on there is something I’ve felt or thought before.”

Say no more…

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A beer bottle on a dock