Yellowstone Season 4: Go Behind The Scenes Of Episode 3 – “All I See Is You”

Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any better.

We’re now in week two of Yellowstone Season Four, and we’re getting yet another behind the scenes look into this week.

Episode 3 dove into Jimmy’s future at the Yellowstone Ranch, and beautifully set the table for the Yellowstone 6666 Ranch spinoff, revealed who orchestrated the hit on the Dutton family, went in deeper with the complicated relationship between Rip, Beth and Carter, shined a light on Tate’s PTSD after the ranch attack and more.

This episode, creator Taylor Sheridan (who also appeared in the episode) discusses Jimmy:

“You have this young man who had nothing, John Dutton kept a promise to give this kid a place, a home and a job, and yet what he hasn’t become is someone who takes ownership over his failures and learns from them. He has to become a man.

So he sends him to a ranch in West Texas to work.”

Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy, added:

“To be sent away from Yellowstone, to be sent away from the only friends he’s ever had in his life, to be sent away from Mia, maybe the only person he’s ever loved in his life, is a huge huge loss.”

Edin Brolin, who plays Mia, then weighed in on their relationship as well:

“I think she (Mia) was really really hurt. The idea that this option that John Dutton’s giving him to go down to Texas is his only choice. She’s sort of left short-changed.”

Kevin Costner (John) then said:

“Jimmy was very much in need of some guidance anyways when he came to the Yellowstone. It was a favor to someone else.”

White then noted that although Jimmy broke his word to John, he feels like John is breaking his word to Jimmy. He said that Jimmy being forced to leave Yellowstone feels like a betrayal.

Costner then noted how this shows a different side of John:

“I think if there’s a softening of John, or at least a level of empathy I think it rears its head with Jimmy. I think at times John is a lot softer than people think about. He kind of bends a little bit to help him. 

Ryan Bingham (Walker) then joins in, and says Walker and Jimmy have a bit in common, considering they’re both kind of drifters and loners.

Cole Hauser (Rip) then discusses Rip and Beth’s relationship, and then Finn Little (Carter) discusses Carter’s relationship with Beth, talking about the clothing store scene:

“So Carter goes into the clothing store, and he’s testing her to see what he can get away with.”

“Carter doesn’t think that she’s gonna hold onto him for very long, so he tries to take advantage of her, and he tries to get more than he bargained for, and Beth doesn’t like that.”

Kelly Reilly (Beth) then adds that Beth doesn’t know how to interact with kids, and then Carter eventually crosses a boundary. That’s when Rip decides to try and straighten him up.

Hauser recalled the scenes:

“Certainly in the beginning when we’re trying to unmold each other, there’s gonna be highs and lows.”

Luke Grimes (Kayce) then talks about how Kayce begins to unravel, considering the fact so much has happened to him and his family since the beginning of the show.

It’s definitely starting to get to Tate who has had to endure A LOT at such a young age.

Check out the full episode below:

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