On This Date: Garth Brooks Makes Chris Gaines’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ Debut In 1999

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It’s still kind of hard to wrap your head around the whole Chris Gaines thing.

I heard the explanation, the whole thing about the movie, all of it, and it’s still like… what the fuck, Garth?

I recently dove into the world of Chris Gaines, watching the entire VH1 Behind The Music documentary and I’ll tell you what…. it’s the most hilarious, terrifying, brilliantly bizarre, downright most insane fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Did you know that Chris Gaines was a raging sex addict? And such a raging sex addict that when he got into a severe car accident, all he could think about was if his dick was still going work afterwards…


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Just wild stuff…

And somehow Saturday Night Live let him on stage as their music guest… 22 years ago today.

On this date, November 13th, 1999, Garth Brooks was set to handle the hosting duties with the help of musical guest Chris Gaines.

And in this skit from the show, actor Tracy Morgan blasts Chris Gaines to Garth Brooks (seeming unaware that they’re the same guy), calling him fat, soft, and even goes as far as to question Chris Gaines’ sexuality.

“Sweet like bear meat… I heard the crew making fun of him and they say that Chris Gaines bats both ways… do you think Chris Gaines is smoking meat cigars?”

Needless to say, there’s no way in hell that scene would make it on TV these days…

Unfortunately, G has done a great job of scrubbing the internet and this shitty clip is all I can find of the performance.

Bahahahahaha I completely forgot all about "Chris Gaines" …. thank you old SNL for reminding me….

Posted by Shannon Klepper-Larson on Monday, May 30, 2016

It wasn’t Garth’s first to SNL however, he appeared on the show as the host in February of 1998 as well.

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