Whiskey Myers, Morgan Wallen, & Zac Brown Shine A Light On Military PTSD With Powerful Music Videos

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With today being Veterans Day, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on the kind of sacrifices it requires to secure our freedom in this country, and also remember that for many vets, their battle doesn’t end when they step back on America soil.

For countless soldiers, the brutal reality of what they experienced first-hand in battle follows them home.

Of course, numerous country songs have addressed veterans, soldiers that were killed in action and the awful effects of PTSD, but today, let’s talk about a few of the more recent ones: Whiskey Myers, Morgan Wallen, and Zac Brown Band.

These artists took the opportunity to shine a light on PTSD with heavy, thought-provoking, cinematic music videos. An intense conversation no doubt, but one that desperately needs to be had.

The reality is, it really shouldn’t take a National Holiday or an act of war to get us thinking about our veterans… how we can honor them and take care of them, both while they’re overseas, and when they come home.

Whiskey Myers – “Bury My Bones”

The video pays homage to the brave men and women that give their lives to protect our freedoms. But more than just their service in the military, the video tackles the painful realities of coming back to home, dealing with PTSD, the immense sacrifices they must make, and coming to grips with the loss of a brother.

“I wrote these lyrics when we were in the middle of a long run of shows in Europe and it felt like we might never get back home,” says guitarist John Jeffers of the song. “It’s really powerful and humbling to see those same words translated to our American heroes and to have such a meaningful visual to accompany this song. We can’t thank our men and women in uniform enough for what they do.”

“Most of us will never really understand what these people go through, fighting to protect our country and the ideals of freedom,” adds lead singer Cody Cannon. “It’s an honor to be able to shine a light on their sacrifices with this video, especially as we celebrate living in the land of the free this weekend. Thank you to all of our service members for everything you do.”

Morgan Wallen – “Cover Me Up”

A while back, Morgan took the opportunity to shine a light on PTSD with his “Cover Me Up” music video.

The 8-minute music video tells the story of a solider that returns home from active duty and it paints the all-too-real picture of the difficulties that can come with acclimating back to civilian life.

“Grateful every day for the service and sacrifices of our nation’s veterans. Hopeful that this will start to shed a light on every aspect of their lives. Love this song and everything it means,” said Wallen of the video.

Zac Brown Band – “Someone I Used To Know”

While I don’t find the song to be anywhere near on par with the previous two, Zac Brown’s “Someone That I Used To Know” also shines a light on just how difficult it can be to acclimate to the civilian life once you’ve experienced the brutality of war overseas.

We see our hero in a Humvee fall under attack, and wind up injured in the ensuing firefight. Once he’s home, he finds himself struggling to cope with the anger and depression, which bleeds into his social and work life.

However, the video also shows what can happen when someone struggling with PTSD receives love and support from those around them.

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