Yellowstone 1883: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Open Up On The New Prequel Series

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We’re all still buzzing about the premiere of Yellowstone Season 4, but how about that 1883 teaser?

Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill? Taylor Sheridan and company ain’t messing around…

Although it is technically a prequel to the original Yellowstone series, Sam Elliott says it completely stands on its own. And after watching the sneak peek as well as the official trailer, it seem like that’s the case.

I mean, we already know they went BIG with the production…

The prequel series tells the origin story of the Dutton family and how they made their way from Texas across the treacherous Great Plains to settle in Montana, on the modern day Dutton Ranch property.

Tim and Faith are set to play James and Margaret Dutton, the patriarch and matriarch of the Dutton family, while Elliott will take on the role of Shea Brennan, the hardnosed cowboy tasked with leading the expedition.

And according to a new interview with Entertainment Weeklyfilming gave Faith Hill a whole new respect for cowboys:

“Although it looks amazing, it’s terrible. I think I have a few ribs floating around in my body. This is real work.

I was raised by Edna Earl and Ted Perry, and they believed the best way to teach a child was to get your hands in the dirt. That’s basically this in a nutshell.

I think so many actors are drawn to Taylor’s writing because he is portraying the story in a way that was lived. I gained so much respect for cowboys.”

She also adds that she became “quite comfortable” with the cast and crew after only a few days on set.

“You learn how to pick a tree, squat down, and do your business.”


But for Tim, he couldn’t get over the fact that got to star in a film with his wife:

The season is the journey. To see my beautiful wife on horseback, firing guns, and having dirt all over her face, I just sit in awe. She’s a strong woman, anyway.

Taylor said early on to me, ‘Man, you’ll just get on that horse. You’re not scared of anything.’ I said, ‘I’m scared of one thing. She’s right over there.'”

But much like his wife, Tim agrees that filming conditions were less than ideal:

“It’s super dusty and super hot. There’s no way around it.

At the same time, it’s like every kid’s fantasy to do something like this, to put your chaps on, your cowboy hat, and your gun holsters every day.

Then you get on a horse and try to survive this journey.”

1883 is set to premiere on December 19th, exclusively on Paramount+.

And if you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete all through the first two episodes of Season 4, then look no further.

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