Giants WR Kadarius Toney Gets Blasted For Dismissive Henry Ruggs Comment: “Everybody Makes Mistakes”

Kadarius Toney
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

There’s been a lot of noise surrounding this devastating Henry Ruggs III situation.

He was arrested for DUI resulting in death after hitting another car going 156 mph, killing a woman and her dog inside the fiery wreck. Two hours later, he blew over two times the legal limit.

Needless to say, you have your “everybody makes mistakes” crowd, and your “he deserves to rot in pits of hell” crowd… and everywhere in between.

Obviously, a horrible occurrence like this is going to draw a mixed reaction, and you heart breaks for the families involved, but some are not so great at articulating what they’re trying to say.

An emotional Derek Carr described his heartache for the family of the young woman, but also said he would be there for any of his teammates always. He said that Ruggs needed to be loved too right now and if nobody else would, he would be the man to do it. His words were largely praised by the general public.

And then you have Kadarius Toney, wide receiver for the New York Giants… who may have wanted to rethink the way he phrased his thoughts.

The former Florida receiver said in a tweet:

“We young… everybody make mistakes… y’all lookin at the situation like ‘this or that’ kuz it ain’t y’all… having so much too say.

He know he messed up don’t drag em for it… that’s goofy to me… just pray for the families involved.”

Needless to say, Twitter erupted with a plethora of opinions on his statement:

As you can tell, about 98% of the reactions were negative. And yeah, everybody does make mistakes. But it would be a different situation if he was simply driving drunk and wrecked his car, but his recklessness took the life of another person.

And now, he’ll be held accountable for  his actions. So, tit’s not surprising that Toney got roasted for his dismissive comments. It comes off as ice cold to the family of that young woman.

And according to New York Post, Kadarius got a talkin’ to from Giants head coach Joe Judge:

“I talked to Kadarius. It’s important that we understand how we articulate our words and put them out there. Ultimately, our prayers are with everybody.

This is a situation no one wants to see happen to anybody. While no one is in any way, shape or form dismissing the consequences at all, it’s horrible on both sides.” 

He followed it up with this gem:

A beer bottle on a dock



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