Derek Carr Speaks On Henry Ruggs’ Car Wreck: “He Needs To Be Loved, If Nobody Else Will Do It, I Will”

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We’re a couple days removed from Henry Ruggs III’s horrible car wreck which resulted in the death of a young woman and her dog.

Now, some of his teammates are finally having the opportunity to speak out, including Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

According to PFT, Carr had been texting Ruggs while he was at TopGolf, asking him and Hunter Renfrow how his swing looked.

He then woke up the next morning to the awful news of his former wide receiver involved in a terrible wreck, where he was charged for DUI resulting in death and faces 2-20 years in prison.

Looking back at it, Carr really felt the weight of the situation, and wished there was something he could’ve done or said to prevent the incident:

“I just wish I could have done something. No one ever wants to see this, whether it’s a football player or not. You never want to see something like this happen.”

Ruggs had a BAC of .161, more than twice the legal limit, and was believed to be traveling at 156 mph at the time of the wreck. There was also a handgun found on the floor of the vehicle which could result in a sentence over 45 years.

Carr continued:

“My heart first goes to the families that are involved. There are things that happen in life for all of us that we don’t have control over, and you wish you did. I have a thousand questions I wish I could ask, but I don’t get those opportunities.

I don’t understand everything and why certain things happen. I forever have relied on the foundation of who I am is my faith, and I’m going to stand on that when it’s hard, and I’m going to stand on that when it’s easy.

With what we were told, I just didn’t know if we were able to (contact Ruggs, so) haven’t reached out. I will always be here for him. That won’t change. I will prove that over the course of time to him, not to anybody else.

But he needs people to love him right now. He’s probably feeling a certain type of way about himself right now, and he needs to be loved. If nobody else will do it, I will do it.”

Ruggs has since been released from the Raiders organization, and will probably never play football again due to the extent of his charges. Carr said that realization really got to him:

“I walked by, and I saw Henry’s locker today and for whatever reason that got me. He’s not going to be there.”

Although it’s gonna be difficult, Carr said the team has to find a way to stay focused on their game against the Giants this upcoming Sunday:

“From a football aspect, we’re ready to go. We had a great practice. We’re dealing with a lot of things this year, that’s for sure. What a crazy year. I heard that a few times. Can we please have nothing else (bad happen)?… At the end of the day, nobody cares (that the Raiders are hurting). We’ve got to do our job.”

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