Cole Hauser, AKA Rip Wheeler, Answers The Question: Is The Yellowstone Ranch A Cult?

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The ranch life isn’t for everybody… but is it a cult?

I mean, if you watch shows like Waco or Wild Wild Country, I think you’ll come to the conclusion that the Dutton Ranch is far from a cult. But it’s definitely its own animal.

We’re gearing up for the premiere of Yellowstone Season 4, foaming at the mouth to find out what happens to John Dutton (Kevin Costner), Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) after the three separate attacks left them starring death in the face.

Not to mention whatever seems to be going on back at the ranch…

Needless to say, we’re PUMPED for the two-episode season premiere on Sunday, November 7th, but until then, let’s dig back into this cult question.

There’s no mistaking the fact that life at the Yellowstone is tough… just ask Jimmy or even Walker (who already tried to leave once). Once you take the brand, you’re in for life. You gain a family, one that’s loyal to the core, but if you take the brand and want to leave, the only way out is through a trip to the train station.

And we all know how that ends…

With Rip Wheeler essentially being the right-hand man (and enforcer) of Dutton family patriarch John Dutton, it’s only right to ask him.

In a new interview with Cowboys & IndiansCole Hauser, AKA Rip Wheeler, was asked if the Yellowstone Ranch was similar to life in a cult.

Here’s the question:

“John Dutton is a man who demands absolute loyalty from the people who work at his ranch — they’re literally branded when they sign on and are forbidden to leave, and Rip serves as his enforcer.

Would you agree that it’s almost like the whole set-up is a cult of sorts?”

And Cole’s answer:

“I don’t know if cult is the right word. It’s more of a secret society, in a way. A society that’s probably been around not only throughout the history of the Dutton family, but prior to it.

They’ve had this tradition, that when you work on the ranch, you come here and you’re branded as a man, and you die as a branded man. That’s your allegiance to the family. But I wouldn’t say cult.”

Nailed it.

The traditions of the ranch date back beyond the lives of Rip and John, and even John’s own father.

I suppose we’ll find out how it all came to be in 1883the upcoming prequel starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sam Elliott. 1883 is set to premiere in December of this year, and while we don’t know much about it, we do know that it’ll lay the foundations for the Dutton family as we know them today.

And with Taylor Sheridan at the helm, we also know that it definitely won’t suck.

Buckle up.

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