Cody Jinks To Send New Single “Like A Hurricane” To Mainstream Country Radio

Cody Jinks country music
Jason Deramo

It’s no secret that the majority of mainstream country music radio stations play absolute dog shit, leaving many of the other authentic, true, and traditional country singers out in the cold.

A handful of non-mainstream artists have proven that they don’t need radio to be successful though, selling out tons of shows, playing massive venues, and even earning Gold and Platinum records.

One of those guys in particular is Cody Jinks.

The man has been doing it his own way for a while now, and has a ton of success to show for it. Hell, his Instagram bio even reads:

“Always done it his own way, always will.”

His song “Loud And Heavy” recently went Platinum, all without an ounce of mainstream radio play, however, he’s actually gearing up to send a new single to mainstream country radio. And here’s the kicker… seven stations have already picked it up.

Chris Owen, a radio personality and country chart insider in the Buffalo area, announced on Twitter that Cody Jinks’ song, “Like A Hurricane,” which isn’t even out yet, was being served to country radio, and seven stations have added it to the rotation.

It may not seem like a huge deal that a handful of radio stations are going to be playing some Cody Jinks, and we’ll wait to see if more stations jump on board when the song is officially available, but it’s awesome to see a step in the right direction.

Maybe, just maybe… you’ll be able to flip on the radio someday and hear artists like Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers and Colter Wall sandwiched in between the Dan + Shays and Kane Browns that litter the format right now. I won’t hold my breath…

“Like A Hurricane” is a track off Cody’s upcoming country album Mercy, set for release on November 12th.

Cody will also be hitting the stage at Ohio Stadium with Luke Combs and Zach Bryan next year… don’t miss it.

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