Spencer Rattler’s Father Reveals That His Son’s Time At Oklahoma May Be Over After Losing The Starting Job

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Bye bye Spencer Rattler.

Do y’all remember Tate Martell?

Arguably the most electric, while also the most hated, high school quarterback of all time.

The man went to Ohio State and couldn’t win the starting job there, then went to Miami and was third string on the depth chart, and now he’s riding the bench at Utah.

And now, it appears we’re seeing something similar happen with Rattler, who was once the best quarterback in the nation coming out of high school.

The once-Heisman hopeful has underperformed heavily this season, so bad to the point that Oklahoma fans were booing him when he ran onto the field, as they were hoping freshman QB Caleb Williams would replace him.

Their wish came true as Rattler was benched for Williams in the Texas game this past Saturday, and the guy showed his arse about it, refusing to celebrate with the team after their come from behind victory.

Since then, the QB had to take a personal day for practice, and Oklahoma football had to shut down the media after a few journalists from a student newspaper spied on practice the other day and saw Williams taking first team reps.

So what’s the next move for Rattler? According to his father, it appears that his son’s time in Norman will be ending soon.

Mike Rattler had this to say in an interview with OU Daily:

“For right now, he’s focused on working for this team, and we’ll see what happens after Jan. 10… Hopefully he’ll be playing in the national championship on Jan. 10, and then after that we’ll evaluate where he is as far as if any teams are interested in him in the NFL, we’ll consider that.”

“If we think, ‘Hey, you know what, we may ought to do another year or something at Oklahoma, wherever’… we’re leaving our options open whereas that is concerned, but for the most part, right now, we don’t even talk about it, because he’s got a task at hand to deal with.”

In other words, ol’ Spencer will be declaring for the draft (which is a horrible idea), or transferring somewhere else if he never wins his starting job back.

I guess time will tell, but don’t be surprised if you see him reppin’ a new uniform next season.

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