Colter Wall Calls Fan Favorite Brewery Sessions “Forced,” Says He Can’t Watch Them Without Cringing

A man wearing a cowboy hat and holding a microphone

If you’re anything like me, your first exposure to Colter Wall might have very well been the Original 16 Brewery Sessions from a few years back.

I can’t with 100% certainty recall the first time I heard that heavenly voice, but I have a hunch that his Brewery Session performance of “Sleeping on the Blacktop” was it.

And to this day, after a podcast or long day at the office, we might play a game of Madden, crack a few beers and re-watch those old performances.

And of course, Colter has transitioned into more of a western singer these days, singing old cowboy tunes and other western-themed material, but fans still rave about some of those older, more aggressive tunes like the aforementioned “Sleeping on the Blacktop,” “Kate McCannon,” and more.

Now however, Colter has admitted that those old performances make him cringe.

“I’m glad folks still enjoy those brewery sessions from 2015. I can’t watch them without cringing. The vocals are very forced.

I’m grateful for what their popularity has done for me, but I hope folks are able to accept that I simply don’t play/sing that way anymore.”

Not gonna lie… I was a BIG fan of the kick drum.

Artists evolve their sound all the time, and for Colter, it sounds like he has moved towards a much more natural style of singing and playing for him. Personally, I’m one those that fall into the “still enjoy those Brewery Sessions” category, but like many others, I thoroughly enjoy everything Colter does.

And if it’s any indication that he still has a loyal fan base, his most recent album Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs, did pretty damn good.

So for old times sake…

“The Devil Wears A Suit & Tie”

And the all time favorite…

“Sleeping On The Blacktop”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock