Morgan Wallen Debuts New Song That Brought Him To Tears, “Don’t Think Jesus”

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Looks like the rap career was short lived…

Morgan’s last teaser had fans scratching their heads a bit. More or less rapping over a trap beat, even some of Morgan’s most loyal fans weren’t loving it.

But today, he’s back with something much closer to the heart of country music, and closer to the heart of his fans.

Here’s the catch though… he didn’t write it.

Written by Jessi Alexander, Chase McGill and Mark Holman, the new tune actually brought Morgan to tears:

“Some of my friends sent me a song today, I was on the way back home from playing a little golf, and they wrote this song with me in on their mind and made me cry in the truck.

So, I figured I’d test it out on y’all and see if y’all have a similar reaction.

I just learned it a few minutes ago, so hopefully I get it right.”

Titled “Don’t Think Jesus,” it tells the story of a young singer/songwriter who’s living hard and fast, chasing whiskey and women until the wheels fall off.

And while most of us would give up on ourselves, I don’t think Jesus done it that way…

“If I was him I’d say to hell with you,
ain’t no helping you,
find someone else to give Heaven to,
I’m telling you,
I’d shame me, I blame me,
I’d make me pay for my mistakes,
Oh, but I don’t think Jesus does it that way.”

And obvious nod to Waylon Jennings’ “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” with a redemptive twist, if you know anything about Morgan Wallen at all, you know why the songwriters had him on their mind when they wrote it.

The comments section featured praise from Brent Cobb, Carly Pearce, songwriter Nicolle Galyon, Christian contemporary singer Cory Ashbury, and more.

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