Aaron Watson On New Album ‘Unwanted Man’: “I’m Going For The Jugular Of Mainstream Country Music”

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You gotta love some Aaron Watson.

Talk about a guy who’s been doing things his own way since the early 2000s, and has quietly garnered a GINORMOUS following in Texas over the years.

Hell, he’s caught they eye of country music fans across the nation.

I remember putting my Spotify on shuffle freshman year of college, and I hear “The Underdog” by Aaron Watson. Fiver years later, Aaron is a regular in my rotation.

The man himself recently joined the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast last week, and talked everything from the mainstream country music business, to doing things his own way, his hatred of EPs, and even gave us some details about new music.

He gave us a little look at his Unwanted Man album that drops this upcoming summer, and he’s told us he has a little chip on his shoulder with this one.

He talked about how all of the songs were ones he wrote during quarantine, and they don’t have a specific theme, they just perfectly describe him.

“When I get a little bit pissed off and competitive that’s when I do my best stuff, and I’m right there right now. 

So I’ll tell you about the ‘Unwated Man’ album that comes out this summer… it was all songs that I wrote during the quarantine, there’s 10 songs, I picked ’em. It was really the first time I was like ‘there is no theme, these are my songs.”

Although he says he’s not bitter about mainstream country music turning a blind eye to him, but he’s ready to prove his point.

“I’m ready to put it out right now, but what sucks, is because of how streaming is now, if I put that album out right now, I can’t put out any singles here in a couple months because they consider those already released.

But dude, the second that sucker comes out, within a couple of months of that, I’m gonna be putting out another single from another album… I’m going for the jugular of mainstream country music here in the future.”

He said he plans to wait because he wants to drop several singles along the way, and when that first one drops, they’re gonna keep coming.

Check out the whole podcast here:

And listen to the new single, “Crash Landing.”

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