Bigfoot Was Spotted In A Kentucky Coal Mine, And This Could Make A Great Tyler Childers Song

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We’ve heard the stories, we’ve seen the “footage,” and we’re everything but our own two eyes away from believing in the infamous existence of Bigfoot.

And the monster’s latest sighting?

Right in the green hills of Appalachia, in a Kentucky coal mine.

In fact, there’s not just one Bigfoot, there are SEVERAL groups of Bigfoot.

And after Bigfoot expert (I cant believe that’s a thing) Thomas Marcum heard about this sighting, he believes there’s no doubt that thing calls Northwest Kentucky his home.

Marcum wrote in a report from his group The Crypto Crew:

“The person, who I will not name, that saw these two Bigfoot go into the mine is a really good guy and is not a storyteller.

He has not told but a handful of people about what he saw. This man is a friend of mine and our family, just I don’t get to talk to him very often.

Once I got the location details I used Google maps to kind of scope out the area and to get a direction I wanted to explore first. I missed my mark and had to backtrack for about a mile or more. I did finally find the location.”

And once he found the old mine, Marcum also found some tracks from the Sasquatch:

“These tracks, while lacking a lot of definition, were larger and much wider than my size 12 boot. These were in a straight line with the exception of one track at the top of the bank.

This could have been a slight side step to maneuver over the hump in front of the mine opening. I don’t know. This opening may be used more at different times of the year, it’s just hard to say.

I do know that Bigfoot is smart enough to know when an area has increased human activity in it. So maybe this time of year they use this opening less.

What is important and I feel really backs up this report, is the fact there has been other sightings and reports from this general area. In fact, just across the hollow from the coal mine is where I found the tree breaks and recorded the wood knock just a few days ago.

This area is no doubt home to Bigfoot… for a fact there are several different groups of Bigfoot.”

Not gonna lie, this is shaping up to be a great Tyler Childers song.

It’s perfect: It’s right in Tyler’s neck of the woods so knows the area, and we already know the man can write a damn good song about working in the coal mines.

Throw in a little Bigfoot sighting and he might have a guaranteed number one in the works.

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