American Aquarium Hits Fundraising Goal For New Album ‘Chicamacomico’ In Only 46 Hours

American Aquarium Country Music
Joshua Black Wilkins

American Aquarium has got a STRONG fanbase…

The band announced just over 2 days ago they had a new album in the works and were, as they did for their previous 6 records, going to fund the entire production with the money from preorders.

To say the fans stepped up is an understatement…

Fans preordered enough albums to secure 100% of the funding in just 46 hours, blowing the previous fastest time, of 10 days (for Lamentations) WAY out of the water.

“Less than 46 hours in and CHICAMACOMICO is fully funded!

Preproduction, studio time, band, tracking, production, engineering, mixing, mastering, pressing and publicity…all covered.

‘Thank You’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. We know how much trust it takes to buy a record you’ve never heard, nine months in advance, and we have no plans on letting you down. I’m beyond proud of this new batch of tunes and can’t wait for you to hear what we cook up next month down at Sonic Ranch with the mighty Bradley Cook.

Preorders are still open until 11/1 if anyone still wants to take advantage of these limited edition packages that are only available during this preorder. Love y’all to the moon and thanks for keeping this thing truly independent.

Brick by brick, onward and upward.”

You just gotta love when the fans love a band the way American Aquarium is loved. It’s what truly make music special, makes it more than just songs and albums, but a relationship between a huge group of people, centered around some core belief or identity.

When a band can get out on the road and build a loyal following night by night, fan by fan… it’s a beautiful thing.

Preorders are still being taken until November 1st if you haven’t put yours in yet and want to get your hands on the limited edition packages and the full album won’t be out until the Summer of 2022, but the hunger for new music is strong.

Since I have less than 2 weeks left as a 25 year old, give this song a listen… it hits a little harder when it’s pretty much written about you.

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