Oklahoma Dad Rearranges The Face Of Local Pastor Who Inappropriately Touched His Son

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Looks like he got off easy to me…

According to News 9, an Oklahoma pastor is in police custody after he was caught inappropriately touching a young boy at a bus stop. The 33-year-old pastor, Michael Coghill, made a habit of constantly jogging by the bus stop when the children were getting home from school.

The child told his parents that Coghill ran by his bus stop several times and touched him in a way that made him “feel uncomfortable.”

Upon hearing that, dad waited at the bus stop the next time his son rode the bus. And sure as shit, the pervert once again came running by. But this time, dad had the camera ready to go.

According to a witness, there aren’t “camera-appropriate” words to describe it:

“He knew the time he would be there every day… that was the hardest part, the most disgusting part.”  

Then, dad took matters into his own hands.

Dad chased down the Coghill, tackled him, and rearranged his face while he waited for the Oklahoma City police to show up and take this piece of shit to jail.

When police arrived on the scene, the scumbag had a fractured skull, multiple facial contusions, and a laceration on the bridge of the nose.

And like I said before, I think he got off easy.

Coghill is a pastor at Lakehoma Church of Christ, who issued a statement regarding his behavior:

“We were heartbroken to learn of the incident involving one of our adult ministers, and our hearts go out to the child and family involved.

We were shocked at this news as he had a clean background check, and we have received no reports or claims against him during his tenure.

Church leadership has no tolerance for any type of abuse and is meeting tonight to discuss next steps. We will cooperate with authorities as needed.”

Absolutely disgusting behavior… and as a new father myself, props to dad to handing out an ass-whooping to this creep. I would’ve done the same thing… maybe worse.

I can’t help but hope some of the fellas in the Oklahoma County Detention Center pick up where dad left off…

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