Michigan Bow Hunters Claim To Have Witnessed A Sasquatch Fight

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The state of Michigan’s status as a bonafide hotbed for Bigfoot sightings is continuing to grow.

Early this summer, a viral video of what many folks claimed to be ole Sasquatch took the internet by storm; however other people concluded that the figure in the footage was just a leathery tan naked man with a beer gut carrying something in his arms.

The potential presence of Bigfoot in Michigan is now back in the spotlight, though, as a couple of bowhunters claim to have encountered not one but two skunk apes while out in the wilderness on a recent adventure.

The potential Bigfoot sighting should come as no surprise because, according to data from the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, Michigan is a hot spot for Sasquatch activity. With 224 reported sightings, the Great Lakes State ranks 8th behind only California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

According to BroBible, one of the bowhunters who saw the Bigfoot fight with his own two eyes recently detailed his story about his Bigfoot encounter.

“The thing was huge! I’m talking massive!

And it was right next to one of the railroad signs, and the railroad signs were 10 foot, and its head probably stood a good half-foot over the sign.”

When it comes to Bigfoot sightings, there is often speculation that what people really saw was merely a bear walking on his hind legs, but in this instance, the witnesses claim the creature they saw was definitely not a bear.

“It’s not a bear because we know what bears look like. He shined it on whatever it was, and the thing just sucked it up like it was a sponge. You could see the silhouette of it, but the hair on this thing just sucked it up.

The hand on this thing was f—ing huge. Shaquille O’Neal is a big man, but this thing dwarfed him. It could have palmed a beach ball.

We could see him really good. He had big legs, big hips, chest kind of tapered up… he had a round head… The arms were very long.”

Just as the men hit the creature with their flashlight, they claimed to hear something else off in the distance before chaos ensued and then quieted down. The harrowing situation led the men to believed they had stumbled between two different Bigfoot specimens that were engaged in some sort of territorial battle.

“Off to the right of us towards the river, which was south of us, we heard something else making some crazy– noises. That one started coming towards us, and all hell broke loose.

Something was going down there, fighting, and I mean, it sounded like two T-Rex’s going at it. Branches were snapping; you could hear hollering and growling.

And we’re still sitting up there shaking, and it’s still dark… we sat there for like 15-20 minutes sitting there… Then we had enough nerve to get down to the truck, and we got the hell out of there.”

You can check out the full story on a recent episode of the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast.

And if you’re looking for more Bigfoot-related adventures, you can head out to Oklahoma and try to capture Bigfoot yourself.

If you do, you’ll be eligible for a $3 million bounty courtesy of a state legislator who drummed up the plan to increase tourism to the region.

And if you’re looking to terrify your kids, you can even pay to have Sasquatch make an appearance at their birthday party.

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