College GameDay Announces Kane Brown As Week 1 Guest Picker… And Get ROASTED For It

Kane Brown smiling for the camera

College football is BACK baby.

After a handful of Week 0 games to wet our appetites last weekend, it’s officially Week 1 of the college football season.

Looking at the schedule tomorrow we have a little Alabama/Miami action, Georgia is at Clemson for a heavyweight tilt, there are some solid Big Ten matchups, and a ton more. Basically, I’m gonna park my ass in front of the TV all damn day.

I’m already getting those bets in, the rub is already on the pork shoulder, our brand new Tailgate Anthems playlist is locked and loaded, and College GameDay is kicking things off with none other than… checks notes…

Kane Brown?

Wait, what? That has to be a mistake…


Yep, ol’ Kane will be joining the College GameDay crew at Romare Bearden Park in Charlotte this Saturday as the College GameDay Guest Picker.

Why? No idea…

I mean, out of all of the country singers from Georgia and you pick Kane Brown? The guy who can’t even find his way around his own backyard?

But it isn’t just me, the rest of Twitter isn’t happy about the selection either:

And if you think that was harsh, just head on over to Facebook.

That comment section is ruthless:

“$100 he picks Bishop Sycamore to win every game this weekend.”

“Maybe he knows more about football than country music. Wouldn’t be hard.”

“That guy couldn’t pick the right path off of his own land.”

“Hope he can find his way to the stage.”

“This network gets worse by the day holy hell”

“They picked the only guy who will get lost trying to make it to the stage?? Wtf is this world coming to?”

“Come on folks. This is the best we can do? Need to reach out to the picking committee”

“So apparently millions of 13-14 year old girls watch football”

“Thought this was a photo of Kevin Federline circa 2004”

And it just goes on, and on, and on, and on like that…


Week 1 guest picker: KANE BROWN 🚨👏CAN’T WAIT!

Posted by College GameDay on Friday, September 3, 2021

But on the bright side, at least Chase Elliott will be joining the show.

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A beer bottle on a dock