Dad Busts His A** In Hysterical Milk Crate Challenge Gender Reveal Video

And I thought I had seen it all…

Nothing has brought me more joy than watching these viral clips of people absolutely obliterating their bodies while doing the infamous “milk crate challenge.” I mean seriously, I watch these videos and wonder how these people aren’t paralyzed from the neck down…it’s actually quite frightening.

Now, people are going as far as doing gender reveals while doing the challenge?

Ok, for real… this is totally a joke, a two-for-one mocking of the lunacy of the milk crate challenge and the ridiculous lengths that people will go to for a gender reveal, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh my ass off.

Although, everybody in the video is going absolutely BONKERS at the news of a baby boy, the dad is straight up not having a good time. From the time he hit the ground, and his head went right through that box, all the way to the end of the video… he barely even moves.

Fake or not, somebody check on my guy, he might be broken in half…

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