Cole Chaney Does Fantastic Cover Of Keith Whitley’s Heartbreaker “I’m Over You”

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If y’all aren’t listening to Cole Chaney already, it’s time to change that.

The Boyd county, Kentucky native burst onto the country music scene earlier this year with an incredible debut studio album, Mercy, as well as his first single, “Ill Will Creek,” that first put him on the map of (real) country music lovers.

Because of the fact that he’s from Kentucky and writes about similar topics to the great Tyler Childers, it’s easy to draw that comparison if you’re looking for one. But, he definitely has his own, unique style that is pure Appalachia— gritty, honest, and a lot of the time, downright sad.

Yesterday, he posted an acoustic cover of the late, great Keith Whitley’s song “I’m Over You”. Written by Tim Nichols and Zack Turner, it was actually included posthumously on Keith’s 1989 album I Wonder Do You Think of Me. 

In January of 1990, it was released as the third and final single from that record and peaked at #3 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Songs chart.

Cole posted the video on Instagram along with a caption detailing the fact that he doesn’t often feel the same emotion in covering a song that he does from ones he’s written himself.

Of course, a sad old heartbreak song from Keith can get to just about anyone, I think:

“I’m Over You – Keith Whitley. Here’s one from Kentucky’s finest. There’s not a lot of cover songs that I can actually feel in my gut, the way I do when I’m playing one my own songs, but this is one that I do.

Every time my buddies and I are sitting around the fire, this one always seems to find us right around 3am, right when we’re nice and vulnerable.

Nothing will bring the tears out of a grown man like a perfectly timed Keith Whitley tune.”

Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing:

And, the incredible original:

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