Carly Pearce Honors Her Sister’s Military Service On Stage

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America is the land of the free because of the home of the brave.

The recent events in Afghanistan have been a sobering reminder of what that means as 13 members of the U.S. military lost their lives in the line of duty. America continues to be a great country because people like them are willing to put their lives on the line to protect the liberty and freedom that generations before of us fought for.

In the midst of such difficulties, it has been inspiring to see outpourings of support for the selfless troops that have our backs just so we can sleep in peace at night. Heroes like the U.S. Spec Ops veterans that voluntarily sent themselves into the chaos to help evacuate their fellow Americans and our allies and the bravery of those 13 fallen heroes is the type of stuff that should make anyone proud to be an American.

For those of us that have never worn a military uniform it can be difficult to express thanks to those who emulate true sacrifice and commitment. However, a powerful quote that I often reflect on comes to mind at times like these:

 “If you really want to thank the Americans who fight for our country, be the type of American worth fighting for.”

While bars, restaurants, and stadiums have all paid tribute to our troops, several country music stars have paid their respects in different ways as well.

Brantley Gilbert shared a new song titled “Gone But Not Forgotten” which honors all of the military veterans who have sacrificed it all in the line of duty.cRiley Green’s lyrics “I wish everybody overseas was gonna make it back home moved the crowd to their core. Kip Moore used his platform to spread a powerful message of unity and support that is sure to make people reflect on whether or not they’re the type of American worth fighting for.

Many other country music stars paid their respects and honored active duty and military veterans on social media as well, but the message shared by Carly Pearce was particularly special due to her own personal perspectives on respect for our troops and the moment further exemplified why she’s one of the classiest ladies in country music.

Her sister will be deploying to Kuwait for 6 months as a Captain in the National Guard, so Carly brought her on stage and recognized her patriotic service and asked the crowd to pray for her and all of the troops that serve and protect this great country.

“On Sunday night, Carly surprised her sister & brought her on stage before she leaves this weekend to spend 6 months in Kuwait to serve & protect our country.

Thank you for your service, Cristy. We’re all praying for you!”

Not only did Carly ask for prayers for her sister, but she asked the crowd to take a moment of silence to pay respects to the heroes we lost in Afghanistan as well.

She also lead a cheer of appreciation for all of the veterans and service members in crowd that night. Though just a small part of the concert that night, it’s the type of stuff that makes you proud to be an American.

“Last night was such a special night for my family. I surprised my sister & brought her up on stage, asking the crowd for their prayers as she heads to Kuwait this weekend to serve as a Captain in the National Guard.

What a beautiful moment it was for someone I admire & love so much.

We also together gave a moment of silence for the devastating loss our country experienced this past week & cheered for all of the men & women who have served that were in the crowd. Cristy, thank you for your service.

I love you & I’ll miss you, but am so damn proud of you.”

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