Kip Moore Shares Passionate Words On Heartbreak Over Death Of 13 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

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Kip Moore is not known to mince his words.

And today, he shared a lengthy, passionate post on his Instagram page with his thoughts over the recent, tragic death of 13 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan who were killed by an ISIS-K suicide bomber outside of the Kabul airport last Thursday.

He noted his personal anger and sadness about the situation in such a tragic loss of American lives, as well as his own personal ties to the military. Both of his grandpa’s, Buck Mann and Hugh Moore, served the United States military during World War II.

He also made it very clear that this was not meant to be taken as a political statement, but rather a statement shedding light on the incredible men and women in uniform who serve our great country and allow us to enjoy freedoms every single day that much of the world will never know:

“I woke up angry this morning & as I started to write this, I realized that there’s some that’ll label this as a crazy right winger post. That’s how politically divided we’ve become. We treat politics like football teams.

Not me… I pray for Biden the same way I prayed for Trump. I don’t wake up hoping they give me a reason to bash them, so that my party looks better. My grandparents Buck Mann & Hugh Moore both fought in world war 2. I grew up hearing so many stories, most of which haunted them their entire adult lives.

We live in place where we roll up to any church we want to attend (while drinking our ALMOND milk latte). We leave there to meet up with friends for our 1pm brunch & mimosas. We wake up the following day and we complain….we’re an outraged bunch.

I realize we aren’t a perfect country & SHOULD strive to better, but it’s still (with all the problems that do exist) a solid piece of land to lay your head on.

If ya wanna be outraged about everything, make sure you add this one to the list. Whether you’re left or right, this should hurt so cut the shit.

This is just terrible and extremely sad. Thoughts and prayers to the families of these men & women. Thoughts & prayers to the innocent Afghanistan men & women who lost their lives and will continue to live a life under constant duress. Such a sad situation.”

It’s refreshing to see someone with his position and influence put politics and personal beliefs aside to focus on what’s really important in situations like these.

While he’s correct that our country is far from perfect, we’re incredibly lucky to have such brave men and women who are willing to go overseas and knowingly put their lives on the line to protect all of us back home… and even those without protection abroad.

As we continue to see fallout from the horrific incident, we’ve also seen some incredibly heroic acts and touching tributes to our fallen heroes, with many restaurants, bars, stadiums and even artists across the country paying tribute to them in beautiful ways.

Several other country artists have taken to social media to share their condolences and thanks to those who passed away last week, as well.

Parker McCollum retweeted a photo of Navy medic Max Soviak, one of the 13 young soldiers who died in the bombing, and thanked him for his service:

Carly Pearce, whose sister is about to head to Kuwait as a Captain in the U.S. National Guard, posted photos of them on stage together at one of her concerts over the weekend.

She showed her appreciation for all of our service members who passed away last week in a moment of silence during the show:

And, active-duty member of the U.S. Navy Zach Bryan shared a post that hits close to home, offering his thanks for the service of our 13 fallen heroes.

He also encouraged his followers to pray for the family members and friends that will never get to see their loved one again:

Though a simple thank you will never be enough to offer any of our military members who have both willingly risked their lives and payed the ultimate sacrifice in doing so for this great country, it’s a beautiful thing to see artists in the industry reflect on how important it is to honor on brave men and women in the military.

Not just in the wake of tragedy… but every day.

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