Texas Roadhouse Sets Tables For Fallen Service Members Killed In Afghanistan

A table with glasses and a sign

Nothing but respect for Texas Roadhouse.

Obviously we’re all familiar with what happened this past week in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. service members outside of the Kabul airport as our brave men and women heroically worked to evacuate thousands of Americans and Afghan allies alike.

It’s been a tough week on social media, seeing the pictures of these fallen heroes and learning their stories.

But they’re stories that need to be told, because these men and women were the best among us: Brave Americans who fought and paid the ultimate price for their country while expecting nothing in return.

The tributes to these brave men and women have been pouring in since the news broke earlier this week.

And Texas Roadhouse is doing their part to honor these heroes.

Across social media, people have been posting pictures of booths in Texas Roadhouse restaurants across the country that have been reserved for our fallen troops – complete with 13 beers and an American flag.

Here’s one from Hendersonville, Tennessee.

And Hesperia, California.

And here’s one from Iowa.

And Waukesha, Wisconsin.

If I weren’t already such a fan of Texas Roadhouse, I damn sure would be now.

Respect to them for these tributes, and God bless our fallen soldiers and all those serving right now to keep us free.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock