US Navy Features Zach Bryan On “Ship2Shore” Series

It’s easy to forget Zach Bryan is a full-time member of the US Navy with all of his success and BRIGHT future as a country singer, but he’s sure doing the dang thing.

The US Navy Outreach YouTube channel has a series where they interview various members of the service to give the public a personal look at the men and women who have enlisted to serve in various Naval positions.

From NASCAR Drivers, to NFL Players, to… you guessed it, country singers, these sailors have quite the life outside of their dress blues.

In one of their latest episodes, our guy Zach Bryan is featured. He’s asked about his current role in the service, how he got started in music and what his plans are in the near future. While we already knew the stuff about his music, hearing about his job loading bombs and missiles onto airplanes was pretty sweet.

He also alluded to leaving the Navy when his current enlistment is up to pursue music full-time, as well as recording an album and touring this summer.

Keep it up, Zach. Whether in the service or on stage, we’re rooting for you big time.

Also, check out his cover of Jason Isbell’s “Dress Blues.”

Hits extra hard coming from someone on active duty…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock